Reindeer Progress

This week has been extremely busy around QPD. Along with work and now being a full time student again, I have been working on the stuffed reindeer for Green Bee Floral Designs.

Last year my sister Naomi had me work up a pattern based off of her favorite Christmas decoration, a reindeer named Rudy. I developed a custom pattern and whipped up 20 of them for her shop. They sold well enough that this year she ordered 20 more.

Unfortunately, with mid-term exams this week, spare time is a hot commodity in my life right now. So, I have put quilting aside in order to get these guys finished.

Each reindeer is cut out by hand and stitched together in several sections. I had some last minute help to stuff them so I could hand-stitch the openings shut. The embellishments are seen by machine and added to the deer with a glue gun.

I used 5 different plaids and 4 solid colors to make an assortment of deer. This year Naomi wanted to try some black and white plaids to go along with the normal Christmas greens and reds.

These little guys are boxed up and ready for delivery tonight. We will drop them off at the flower shop on the way to my parents house, where we will be spending the day deer hunting.

Here in Wisconsin it is gun deer season. Garrick hunted opening weekend and didn’t see a single deer. Tomorrow is the only day I am able to hunt so we are hoping to harvest at least one deer for the freezer. I am fortunate to have access to a custom hunting stand made by Wisconsin Landcrafters and am looking forward to introducing Garrick to what I call “luxury hunting”. Last year I brought my hexie project to work on in the deer stand but this year it looks as though it will be bringing some reading material for my classes instead. Hopefully reading about research design is more exciting in a hunting stand than it is in my house, otherwise I might end up sleeping instead of seeing deer.

Have you been keeping up with your quilting projects?

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