Quilting Season Kicks Off!

Here in Northern Wisconsin it is officially winter. The temps have been at or below freezing for the last week. For me, cold weather means the end of gardening and yard work and the start of Quilting Season!

To kick off the 2019 Quilting season I went with my mother in law, Laura, to the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station (CWES) for the Tuesday Quilters of Norske November to Remember Quilt Retreat.

Laura and I got there on Friday afternoon and were able to spend the whole weekend sewing our own projects, and being inspired by everyone else’s.

I would like to say thank you to this group of quilters for welcoming me into your group for the weekend. It’s not often that a spot at this retreat is open, but Laura made sure that I was on the waiting list for this year.

As always happens with retreats, I made sure to over pack and basically hauled my entire work room across the state. Once I was set up I got right to work sewing red and white 9 patches, for what I though was my upcoming chain/courthouse steps design. I had a nice little stack when I realized that those specific blocks needed black fabric in them. Time for a new plan!

I pulled out the blue strings bin and a phone book to use as foundation papers. I cut the papers to the same size as the 9 patches and set to work.

I played around with settings and ended up with a 16 patch block made of 9 patches and string blocks. This is what I came up with so far.

Side note, I had planned on making this for my nephew, Hudson, but when I let his mom know that I had finally started his baby quilt, she reminded me that I already made him one. Breadcrumbs was a crumb quilt that I had already gifted to him. So now I need to decide if I should keep it crib size and store it for a future niece/nephew/cousin, or keep on making blocks and have a bed size quilt. For now the blocks are neatly stacked until I decide where to go from here…. string borders, anyone?

Speaking of strings, I happened to bring along String Frenzy and kept eyeing up the pattern for Sandcastles. Before the weekend was over I had to make a block.

A full size quilt is definitely in my future, but first I need some more medium value neutral strings in my bucket.

I wish I had taken more pictures this weekend. The show and tell was amazing and I have to give a shoutout to Julie for some of the most intricate quilting I have ever seen up close, done on a domestic machine! Again, I should have taken photos!

Pictures or no, it was a great weekend spent with piles of fabric and a group of fabulous quilters. I am already looking forward to next year!

The next few weeks will be spent making stuffed reindeer for Green Been Floral Designs, and getting in the swing of going back to school. I have most of the reindeer cut out so hopefully they go quick.

What quilty plans do you have for this winter?

2 thoughts on “Quilting Season Kicks Off!

  1. Linda

    I will be working on two no three quilts between now and Christmas. One for my son, pieceing done, just need to get those pieces put together into a finished top. Second, top is finished. Need to get #1 finished so both can go to the long arm shop at the same time. Third is a gift for a nephew. Long story but I am hand quilting. Yikes, what did I get myself into. That is what I am working on.


  2. Laura A Kildow

    I’m working on Sunflowers!!!! 🙂 It was a wonderful quilt retreat and I’m still tired, I think I just need more practice going to this retreat! Loved quilting all weekend with you!

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