Where has the Summer Gone?

Good morning everyone!

Time for another update from QPD. This week has been crazy-busy! You might remember from my last post that we were planning to put a new roof on the garage.

Well, last weekend it was finally time. Garrick and I worked on it Saturday and Sunday, then I spent Monday morning finishing it up myself. We (luckily) avoided the rain that was forecasted for Sunday, otherwise it would have taken me a few more days work.

That’s one thing off the to-do list!

The next project was getting some canning done. Since my last post we have canned a couple different types of pickles, as well as pasta sauce and raspberry jam. The garden is in full swing production right now so I will plan on canning more in the next couple of weeks.

I was also able to harvest all of our onions and garlic, and we have already started to enjoy them in our meals.

This week I also set myself the task of cleaning the workroom. Realistically, I could have spent a full day to really clean and organize, but I may have rushed it a little, I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to sew!

You might remember the reindeer I was commissioned to make last year for my sisters flower shop? After we found out how they would sell, she and I had discussed future projects, and it looks like now is the time!

Off to JoAnn fabrics I went, in search of fall colored flannel. I also purchased a couple of animal patterns to get the general idea for shapes, but the final designs will be my own.

The first animal pattern I took on was the owl. During the pattern development phase I start with a general idea of the shapes I want and tweak them as I sew. As a result, the first couple of “testers” tend to look somewhat lopsided. Oh well.

Here are my first two attempts. Naomi prefers the shape of the one on the left, and has requested a couple minor changes. I’ll be making 10 of each animal to start.

By the time this project is wrapping up it should be cool enough that the garden is also winding down, and we can get back to our regularly scheduled quilting content.

Until then, I am happy to announce that my new pitman arm for my Wheeler and Wilson treadle machine was dropped off last week! Only a few more parts to locate and she will be up and running smoothly.

I was also able to look ahead in my new work schedule and confirm that I am able to go to a new retreat in November. The group is called Tuesday Quilters and is based out of Iola, WI. My mother in law was totally awesome and got me in on the waiting list and this go-round a spot opened up. I can’t wait!

How has your summer been spent? Are you getting any quilting done?

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