Welcome back everyone! I’ve had a bit of a hiatus from quilting while we adjust to some changes around home.

The biggest change is that I started a new job. After six years with our local PD I applied for and was hired at our county Sheriffs Office. I couldn’t be more proud to have worked for Spooner PD for the past 6 years, but I am enjoying the new agency as well.

The last month has been spent training and adjusting to the new schedule. I guess that means I am no longer the quilt police, and instead am the quilt deputy? It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

We’ve also accomplished a major life goal. Thanks to the Dave Ramsey program, early July we paid off our house!

July was also a month of fun for us. I’ve been putting off learning how to ride a motorcycle but it was finally time. We purchased a little Honda Rebel 250 and after I got my motorcycle temps, Garrick taught me how to drive it using the parking lot across the street. I’ve since moved up to a Yamaha 600 so we can go for short cruises around the area and I can ride at highway speeds.

I was thrilled last week to receive an email from Teryl R. Teryl was one of the first people to purchase the Sunflower Fields Pattern, in my very early drafting phase. She gave me great feedback on the pattern and I am happy to say has completed her quilt top and included a picture.

Teryl writes “Despite some frustrations w/the pattern (and the fact that this quilt does have A LOT of pieces) – I Love it!   Reminds me a lot of Bonnie Hunter quilts – LOTS of pieces, but stunning results!!”

I couldn’t be happier with your quilt, Teryl. Fabulous job!

The rest of my summer will likely be spent canning the garden produce. I’ve already started some of the food preservation and the garden is kicking into high gear, production wise.

Sooner or later we are bound to have a rain day and I will be able to find myself with some quilting time.

How is your summer turning out? Have you finished any projects lately?


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  1. Congrats on paying off your house! I am working hard to get that done too. Lots of our law enforcement move from our police department to or sheriff’s department and then onto our state patrol. Your sunflower quilt design is gorgeous. Sunflowers are my favorite. Our motorcycle riding days have been over since right after we go married–an elderly man coming off the freeway drove on the wrong side of the road coming at us head on. My alert hubby was able to move us to safety, but that was enough for me to say no thanks! Be careful out there!!!


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