Vacation Part 1!

Good Morning from cloudy Los Angeles!

A while back I mentioned that I would be flying out to California while my sister goes to a Cinema Makeup boot camp. Last Thursday my dad, mom, youngest sister and I flew out of Minneapolis/Saint Paul and into LAX.

Since Rosie’s school didn’t start until Monday we had a couple of days to tour before we had to stay in LA. Friday morning we headed out of town and ended up at the Grand Canyon National Park. What an amazing place! We drove along the south rim for a while and stopped at the viewpoints.

Friday evening I took my dad on a helicopter tour of the canyon with Papillon Tours. We flew over the widest point in the canyon (18 miles across). It was very windy so there was some turbulence, but it was absolutely worth it:


Saturday morning we hiked 2.5 miles along the south rim. It seemed like each viewpoint was better than the last. If we had more time, I would have liked to hike down Angels Trail into the canyon a ways, but we had more things to do!

At around 11 on Saturday we left the national park and hit the road, heading to Las Vegas! I hadn’t been to Vegas since Garrick and I got married so I was looking forward to it. Dad and I took turns driving and in no time at all, we got as far as the Hoover Dam.

We walked out on the Pat Tillman bridge overlooking the dam before heading down and walking out on the dam itself. Both were incredible. Rosie, who had no problem looking over the edge of the Grand Canyon, suddenly developed a fear of heights!

After the Hoover Dam we made our way into Vegas to the Excalibur hotel. We didn’t have much time after check in to sightsee because dad had gotten us tickets to see KA, a cirque show at the MGM Grand. What an incredible performance! The story centers around the body guys overthrowing the rulers, and the heirs to the thrown trying to get it back. Every part of the show was incredible, the lights, costumes, music and choreography were perfectly done. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend seeing KA.

Sunday morning Dad and I drug Mom and Rose around to our favorite spots on the strip. The Bellagio Fountains and the Eiffel Tower were a hit.

Of course there is plenty to look at in Vegas but what do I notice? Patterns. Patterns everywhere.

Look at the dark/light contrast in these sidewalk bricks.

Wouldn’t this make an interesting free motion quilting design? (Taken outside of the Tropicana)

How about these floor designs at the Venetian! I think the first one could be recreated with a Dresden Plate ruler.

After touring Vegas we drove back to LA, where Rose is going to class at the Wiltern Theater. It has been a cool place to look at patterns as well.

Look at all of the designs on the building!

I’ll update you more later, we are about to run for breakfast.

Hopefully all of the pictures upload, I have been running into problems with the WiFi here.

Do you look at the patterns when you travel? Have you ever made a quilt inspired by a trip? Let me know in the comments.


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