Blocks 27 & 28!

The finish line is in sight for our Block(s) of the Week Sampler quilt! This quilt will have a total of 30 blocks.  Next week we will reveal 29 & 30, and I haven’t decided whether I want to show the reveal with next week, or wait until the following week to post instructions to put it all together.

Before we get started, lets talk a little about project fatigue.  Project fatigue (also called project burnout) is what happens when a project that you thought was a great idea in the beginning, begins to become a chore.  This week I struggled writing this blog post because I (and I know some of you!) am ready to be done with this sampler! I was wondering what possessed me to create such a long-term project on a brand new quilting blog, and thinking who would be crazy enough to follow along with someone they had never met. I was feeling pressured to get this wrapped up quickly and was setting myself unrealistic timelines to finish my quilt. Then I took a breath and stepped away from the project.

I remembered why I originally designed this quilt.  I designed this patriotic sampler to be a quilt of valor for my brother, who served a tour in Iraq in 2010.  I wanted to honor his service to our country in the best way that I know how.

After bringing that reason to the front of my mind, I am no longer rushing to finish it.  Instead, I am focusing on making sure that it is made as well as I can possibly sew it.  I want to make sure that I can be as proud of the finished product as I am of my brother for his service.

I want to encourage all of you reading this to step back from your projects and ask yourself why you started them in the first place.  If we can learn to keep our reasons in the front of our minds, we might just end up happier with the final product.

With that in mind, lets dive back in!

This week you will need:

(16) Blue/Neutral Half Square Triangles

(16) Red/Neutral Half Square Triangles

Block 27

This block is a variation of the traditional windmill block.  I love how the blue units hook around the edge of the windmill “blades”.

Block 26

Arrange your units as depicted above.  Sew the units into rows.  Press the rows in alternating directions.  Sew the rows together and press your block flat.

Block 28

Block 25

This block reminds me of open envelopes.  The placement of the color in this block makes the neutrals pop more than other blocks (to me, anyway).

Arrange the units into rows.  Press the rows in alternating directions.  Sew the rows together and press the block flat.

Here are my completed blocks!

What are your reasons for joining in on the project?  Do you have any quilts with special meaning?  Do you suffer from project fatigue?  Let me know! I’d love to hear more thoughts on the topic.

Thanks for reading along.


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