Basket Weave Stars!

This week I finished a baby quilt for my co-worker and his wife.  This pattern has been in the design/revision stage for a while and it was time to get it done.

Basket Weave Stars

This quilt finishes at 33″ x 44″ and is perfect for a baby/crib size quilt.


3/4 Yard Purple

3/4 Yard Yellow

4-4 1/2 Yard neutral strings

I know this seems like a TON of fabrics for a baby quilt, but it is a great way to use up those neutral scraps!

I consider strings anything under 1 1/2″ wide.  I do keep wider strips in the string bucket if they are short, or if I don’t feel like cutting them into my pre-cut scrap bins.

Next, lets cut some foundation papers.  I use old phone books.  Cut your foundation papers into 6″ squares.  You will need 47 of them.


Yellow: (72) 2 1/2″ Squares

Yellow: (4) 3″ Squares

Purple: (96) 2 1/2″ Squares


Using NEUTRALS, string piece across the foundation papers, parallel with the edges.  To start a string piecing block, lay two strings right-sides-together across the center of the paper.  Set your stitch length smaller than normal (I use about 1.6).  Stitch the fabric together on the paper using approximately 1/4″ seam allowance.  Press the fabric open.

Continue to add stings to each side, pressing as you go, until the paper is covered with fabric.  Press the unit.

Flip the string-square over and use the paper as a guide to trim the block to 6″ square.


Make 47 neutral string blocks.

Next we are going to snowball the string blocks, using the 2 1/2″ yellow and purple squares.

Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the back sides of the 2 1/2″ squares.  Starting with the purple squares, place them on top of the neutral string blocks with the diagonal line going across the corner of the block. Line up the edges of the square with the neutral block.

Stitch on the outside of the drawn line.

Trim the blocks 1/4″ on the outside of the stitch line.


Press the block open.


Make 24 purple snowball blocks.

Repeat the process with the yellow 2 1/2″ squares, making 18 yellow snowball blocks.



Now we need to turn some of these neutral blocks into half-blocks.

Take the remaining 5 neutral string blocks and cut them in half.  Cut three of them in half perpendicular to the strings.

half perp

Cut two of them in half parallel to the strings.

half par

Next take SEVEN of the purple snowball blocks.  We are going to turn these into half-blocks as well.

Cut three of them in half, perpendicular to the strings.


Cut four of them in half, parallel to the strings.


OK.  Now that we have all of are units ready, lets start building rows.

Each row will have a half block at both ends.


Row A will use two of the purple snowball half-blocks, three yellow snowball blocks and two purple snowball blocks.  PAY ATTENTION TO THE STRING DIRECTION!

Assemble the row keeping the yellow snowball strings horizontal, and the purple snowball strings vertical.

row A correct

Assemble FOUR of ROW A.


row b

Row B uses the neutral string half blocks on the end, three purple and two yellow snowball blocks.  The strings are all the correct direction in this photo!

Make THREE of ROW B.


Now we need to make the top and bottom rows. These will use the YELLOW 3″ squares, as well as the remaining half-blocks.

top row correct

Again, pay attention to the direction of the strings.  Make TWO of the border rows.  These will be the top and bottom rows for the quilt.


Lay out the rows, alternating rows A and B, and keeping the border rows at the top and bottom.

top row correct

row A correct

row b

row A correct

row b

row A correct

row b

row A correct


Sew the rows together and press well.  Your quilt top is done!

blocks correct.JPG

Baste, quilt and bind!

I was in an absolute rush to get this quilt finished on Saturday.  It was my coworkers last shift before paternity leave, and I wanted to get it to him before he left.  I pin-basted it together and quilted using a large stipple.  The quilt texture is very soft, and will be perfect for tummy time.

My coworker is a star wars fan, and I wanted to fit a bit of personality into the quilt.


My millennial falcon fabric found a good home as a quilt back!


Close up of the quilting texture! I love the variety of neutral fabrics in this quilt.  It will double as an “I SPY” quilt.

The quilt was bound using the same purple fabric as I used in the snowball blocks.

Just one last thought before I sign off for the day.  Congratulations Austin, Tammy and Andrew.  I hope baby Tucker is healthy and happy.  Enjoy the quilt.


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