Quilting Breadcrumbs!

This week has been the week of baby quilts. In one of my last posts I talked about pin-basting the Breadcrumbs quilt. After I settled on a quilting motif it didn’t take much time to get the center quilted.

I decided on a basic clamshell pattern, using the blocks as my size guide.

You can see that this is a very busy quilt, I wanted a simple quilting design that wouldn’t get lost in the bright colors.

Here is a close up of the final product. I wanted the quilt to have a softer texture, so the clamshells stayed on the bigger side (maybe 3″ across). I have never used this motif before so there was a definite learning curve. I used a sample quilt sandwich to practice before taking it to the Breadcrumbs quilt.

(The pattern for Breadcrumbs can be found under the free patterns tab)

Overall I am very happy with how the quilting turned out. Now this one just needs to be trimmed and binding added, and it will be ready for delivery this weekend.

Other things happening at QPD include string blocks. SO MANY STRING BLOCKS. Whose idea was this quilt anyways?? Oh, that’s right, mine.

Don’t get me wrong, I love string piecing, but for some reason I lost interest in these neutral blocks about halfway through the process.

Luckily, I have all 47 neutral blocks done.

47 seems like a weird number, but quilt math is always screwy along the way.

These will get snowball corners added and will come together to be a baby quilt for my coworkers daughter.

I bough a new ruler for sew & flip corners and am excited to try it out on these blocks.

In other news, the new flower bed is planted, along with all of the cold-hardy vegetables. If you believe the weatherman, it should be smooth sailing from here on out. I’m hoping to get the rest of the veggies in the ground on Friday, although it is supposed to rain. If that’s the case I will be staying home and finishing my book.

I am currently reading “What the Wind Knows” by Amy Harmon. And if all of that isn’t enough to keep me entertained, there is 20lbs of Chicken breast in my freezer that is waiting to be canned.

What projects are on your to-do list this spring?

Tia H.

One thought on “Quilting Breadcrumbs!

  1. That really turned out nice. I am looking forward to seeing your neutral blocks in that baby quilt. I am liking the feel of a medium quilting density as well. There is just something cozy and comforting about it.

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