Basting the Breadcrumbs Quilt

Baby #4 for my older sister is going to be here soon, so I figured it’s time to get his/her quilt finished.

I settled on giving this baby the Breadcrumbs quilt, (which is available under the Free Patterns tab.) With small quilts I am comfortable basting them on my kitchen table.

It only took a few minutes to pin-baste once I laid it out, but before I did that, I had to pick a backing.

I called my sister and sent her a picture with my options. She picked out the awesome giraffe fabric that I found in the $1/yd bin at Walmart a few weeks ago.

With the backing picked out and batting from the Yellow River Trading Company, I got to work.

A few minutes later and it was all pinned together.

I think I will do free-motion clam shell quilting on this one, but I haven’t decided for sure. Do you have any suggestions?

Along with getting my sewing area set up again after retreat, I’ve been spending some time each day getting my garden beds ready. This year I added an L-shaped perennial flower bed next to the house and deck, and today I got some netting up around it to use as a trellis.

I also went to a friends plant sale today, and picked up the plants for this bed.

Four boxes of perennial plants for only $27! I’m very excited to plant these tomorrow. I bought a little bit of everything. Daffodils, Lily of the Valley, Johnny Jump Ups, Flox, and some other random finds.

The veggie garden is going to wait another week before planting due to some cooler nights in the forecast. The seedlings have been moved to the greenhouse to wait for their turn in the garden beds.

I’ve managed to talk my husband into helping me pick up another load of composted material tomorrow, so I will finish top-dressing the raised beds over the next week.

In other news, our department hired a new officer, so hopefully I will be back to my normal schedule as soon as he is done with training. I’ll be glad to get things back to normal!

Until next time,


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