Retreat Success!

Good morning everyone!

I just wanted to fill everyone in on the retreat from this past weekend. Laura and I got there Friday afternoon and met up with some friends.

All of the quilters were in one corner of the room and man did we have a blast!

We also got a ton of sewing time in from Friday night to Sunday morning. So much that I was able to get the entire top for Garden Party assembled!

I started with only 18 of the Garden Posey blocks, I needed 100! I had the blocks kitted up and just had to sew, sub cut, and sew some more.

I also had all of the pieces for the setting triangles ready and zipped them through the machine.

On Saturday I had enough blocks to start playing with the layout.

Luckily there was enough floor space to spread out my blocks.

After the blocks were done I started at opposite corners and built rows.

I love all of the bright colors!

This fabulous pattern is by Bonnie Hunter from If you aren’t familiar with Bonnie, check out her blog. She has several quilt pattern books available, as well as great free patterns on her website.

As always, while I was piecing blocks together, I was using my leader/Enders in between lines of chain piecing.

I had my neat stack (chaotic pile) of tumblers next to the machine, and built and added rows as I worked on Garden Party.

I am up to 13 rows! The light and dark borders are really starting to pop.

Saturday afternoon Laura and I left the center and ran to a local Ben Franklin where we found a few yards of some fun fabrics, but I’ll post more about that adventure next time.

What is your current project?

Tia H.

5 thoughts on “Retreat Success!

  1. Linda

    I have caught up with the RWB blocks! Can you share just a little finishing information? Will there be sashing? Will the blocks be on point? or straight rows? I think that my finish will be donated to a local funeral home as a “passage quilt” so I would like to keep moving to the finish with what ever steps I can. The funeral home is so appreciative of the efforts of quilters to donate a respectful covering for those who have passed and need transportation from nursing home, home, hospital and so on to the funeral home.. (These quilts are used to cover the individual after the body has been placed in the required, for health and safety reasons, in the black bags.) I recall how painful it was to see my father being taken from his assisted living facility in a black bag with a wool blanket over him. Thus my interest in making Passage Quilts.


    1. Linda thank you for volunteering your time and talents to such a good cause. There will be 1 1/2” white/neutral sashing strips with red cornerstones. To mine, I will add a 1 1/2” neutral border and a 3” red border.


  2. Your blocks look fantastic! It’s going to be a great quilt!

    Here’s a chuckle for you: When I saw the first picture, I thought, “Why is she ruining it with those brown blocks?” Then, I was relieved to see the next picture. It wasn’t until I saw the tumbler blocks that I clued into the fact that what I thought were brown blocks was actually the carpet! LOL!!!

    Happy Quilting! 🙂


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