Retreat Weekend!

Welcome back everyone!

Tomorrow I am heading to a weekend craft retreat with some friends and am looking forward to making some serious headway on a few projects, and to spending some quality time with quilty people.

This week has been spent in a rush! Aside from working my regular job, I have been helping my brother out on a construction job site on my days off.

Here in northern Wisconsin, garden season is just taking off so I have also been working with my seedlings and mapping out my garden plans for the year. Last week I decided that we are going to try potatoes again, so out came the tools and I put together a stackable potato box to try out.

This past weekend we left town and spent a couple of nights at my sister, Katelyn’s house.  Her daughter, Kaylee, was having a birthday so we celebrated that on Sunday before driving home. While we were visiting, I took the opportunity to head to the nearby Joann Fabrics for a 50% off sale on the Keepsake Quilting fabric line.  I’ve never had an issue with that line of fabric as far as quality, and ended up with quite a few yards at that sale price. I am still stockpiling gray/neutral for my courthouse steps variation that will be the next project started….I think.

Because the weather has been so nice and with all of the ruckus around here, I haven’t spent as much time sewing as I’d like.  This week has been focused on planning out which projects to take with me to the retreat.

Last time I went, I brought one fully cut project, and had most of the top assembled by the time I left (See my FREE Diamond Medallion Pattern here).  This time, I decided to take my “in progress” projects.

1.) Garden Party

2.) String Baby Quilt (Free pattern coming soon!)

3.) Tumbler Leader/Ender

4.) Crumb Quilt/Backing/Batting/Pins to baste

I plan on starting at the top of the list and seeing where I end up.  No deadlines to worry about on this.  I threw in a few options for backing because I don’t know if the crumb quilt baby is a boy or girl.  So he or she will end up with Giraffes or Star Wars Land Speeder fabric.  Or maybe both?

Tonight I rounded up all of the items on my Retreat Packing List, and added a few extras (chocolate covered toffee=essential item).  I have my kindle charged up and ready, and will throw some clothes in a suitcase right before I leave. The last stop before heading out of town will be to pick up a few bottles a bottle of Three Lakes Cranberry Grape wine.

I hope to keep everyone updated on the retreat on the Instagram page @The Quilt Police.

What is your favorite part about quilting/crafting with friends?

Tia H.

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