Another Day of Block Progress

This week I have been busy at work and at home. There has been some switching around at work and I’ve had to change to a different shift. We are also just kicking off garden season in northern Wisconsin, and I have been getting things ready outside.

I had one afternoon to sew, and was able to feel like I made progress and was still able to enjoy the machine time.

Garden Posey blocks added to the done pile. These blocks are small but have 17 pieces each! I can make about 7 blocks in an hour. This Garden Party quilt has been all about taking my time and enjoying the process.

I also dug our the neutral string bin(s) and started working on neutral blocks for a baby quilt.

I’m using phone book pages as my foundation.

This Block is trimmed and turned out very fun. I love using a variety of shades, prints and strip widths when I am string piecing. For a tutorial on how to string piece, click HERE.

Besides the afternoon of sewing, this week we have been enjoying the warmer weather.

The dogs have been loving all of the things that are showing up as the snow melts.

The seedlings are starting to show up. The Broccoli didn’t waste any time and is already about 2″ tall!

Later this week I will be uncovering this years garlic, which has had a thick layer of straw mulch on it all winter.

I also brought up the last of 2018s garlic into the kitchen and learned how to make pickled garlic for us to enjoy.

I still have a couple dozen heads of garlic left. Over the next week I will be dehydrating some of it for granulated garlic. The rest will be used in our day-to-day cooking until 2019s harvest is ready.

What kind of spring activities are on your to-do list? Let me know in the comments!

Tia H.

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