Block Sixteen and Seventeen!

How about another Double Whammy to kick off the second half of this project?

Blocks 16 and 17 will go together fast, lets get started.

You will need:

(16) Red/Neutral Half Square Triangle Units

(16) Blue/Neutral Half Square Triangle Units

If you need directions to make the units, click HERE.  If you already have your units made lets put them into a block!

Block Sixteen:

Block 16

Block 16 is a simplified version of the traditional Birds in the Air quilt block.

Block Seventeen:

Block 17

Arrange the units as shown above.  Sew the units into rows.  Press the top row to the right, then the second row to the left.  Alternating which direction you press the rows will help the seams nest.

Once you have pressed the rows in alternating directions, sew them together into the block.

Press the blocks open.

Here are my finished blocks.

Do you have photos to share?  Let us know how your blocks are coming along on Facebook @The Quilt Police or on Instagram with #tqpchallenge

Happy Stitching!

Tia H.

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