Fabric Score!

Last night during our grocery run we stopped at Walmart for a few things. I wasn’t intending to buy anything from the fabric department but we walked past the area and there was a bin of bolts marked “1/yd”. I stopped right in my tracks and asked the employee at the counter if that meant one yard cuts, or $1.00/yd.

When she said it was $1.00/yd my reaction must have been slightly madwoman-y because Garrick just patted my shoulder and said he’d go browse the store and pick me up later.

I snagged a pile of cotton bolts out of the bin and ended up with around 24 yards of fabric.

How about this giraffe print? I have a sister who would absolutely love something made out of this.

Speaking of sisters, we got our invitation to my niece, Kaylees, birthday later this month. It’s around a three hour drive to their house so we usually spend a full weekend there when we go. I’m looking forward to spending time with my sister and her family, but that also means I need to finish the apron I promised to make for her friend.

She bought a pile of this great Harry Potter themed fabric on one of my last visits and asked for two aprons. I made one, and have been dragging my feet on the second one. But now that I have the maroon fabric to go with it, I have no excuse!

Other than the shopping not many quilt related things have been going on. We have been busy planning out our yearly garden and shopping around for seeds. I think I will he starting them this coming week.

We have a raised bed garden in our yard here in town, but are lucky enough to have been offered some extra planting space at his parents house this year. We aren’t usually able to grow large plants like pumpkin/squash so that will be a great addition this year.

Any ideas what I should do with the new fabrics? Any other gardeners on here?

Tia H.

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