Vintage Machine Project

Good morning, everyone!

This week I was gifted a Wheeler and Wilson 9 treadle sewing machine!

The cabinet and machine body are in great shape, but it is missing a few pieces.

The original W&W 9 was manufactured from 1888-1905. This one is marked W9 on the decal, and I haven’t been able to narrow down a date using the serial number yet.

So far I’ve checked over the machine and the mechanical components all seem to work well.

It needs a bobbin case, bobbins, presser Foot, belt and pitman arm.

It does have a pitman arm (a wooden arm that transfers the movement of the treadle foot to spin the flywheel) that came with it, but the end is broken off.

The first thing I did after figuring out what components I needed was to make a rough copy of the pitman arm. I drew out the shape onto a piece of 1×3 that was leftover from the remodel. I used my jigsaw and a belt and palm sander to get the rough shape. Then I used a handheld planer to shave the board down to the right thickness.

In hindsite, I should have planed the board first so it would have been easier to handle, but this worked fine.

After I had a rough copy of the arm I put it into place on the treadle base. I still don’t have a belt or the other missing parts, but it was fun to give it a try.

The next step is to search the internet for the right parts. I’m looking forward to trying this out for real once I have everything I need to make it sew.

Do you have any experience with treadle or other vintage machines? If you do, and especially if you know anything about this type of machine, I’d love to hear from you! Send me a message at

Tia H.

One thought on “Vintage Machine Project

  1. I recommend joining Treadle On Gathering Academy, TOGA for short. They have group forums on yahoo and you can ask questions to seasoned treadle owners. They will also perhaps have knowledge of how to locate parts. They usually have meetings once a year in various locations all over the united states. This sounds like a fun journey, enjoy!


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