Alternative Quilting Project

Good morning everyone! Today I get to share a fun project that I’ve been working on this week.

One of my coworkers asked me to make a window covering for a side window and the back window of the K9 Squad car. I made the side window one a while back but put off making the rear window one. Well, K9 Trials are coming up and it needed to get finished!

I found this awesome black/blue fabric locally and bought enough for both sides of the covering.

My coworker, Trevor, had used some plastic sheeting to make a template of the back window.

I cut out the approximate size and basted the front, batting and backing fabric together. Then I quilted it with wavy lines using a walking foot.

After the layers were quilted together I made binding to go around the outside.

I had ordered some small magnets from amazon for this project. I used 4″ strips cut to length for the top and sides. I sewed the strips into a tube on the long edge and turned them right sides put. Then sewed the magnets into place by positioning them where I wanted them in the tube and sewing across the tube on both sides. After the magnets were in the tubes, I stitched them onto the cover.

When I went to work last night I tried it out on the car.

This cover serves a dual purpose. It helps insulate the car so the dog kennel stays cool. It also keeps the dog from seeing all of the activity between events at trials, which (hopefully) helps keep him calm.

For those of you who have Instagram, you can keep up with our departments K9 shenanigans @K9Bleu

That’s the only quilting related progress from this week. We’ve managed to get all the mudding and sanding done on our remodel project, so today will be spent spraying drywall texture. Once that is on we can prime and paint!

Obligatory Progress Photo!

That’s all for today, happy quilting!

Tia H

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