Winter Blues

The weather around us has been crazy this week. We went from about 0 degrees and snowing to 41 and raining yesterday. Last week my husband was shoveling off snow off the top and now there are flood warnings for this area until tomorrow. I am ready to be rid of the snow for a few months. I’m starting to feel some Cabin Fever!

Part of that might have to do with the lack of quilting going on in my house! The Juki is still tucked away on a shelf while my workroom is packed with living room contents.

But in all seriousness, the remodel is getting there.

Drywall is up and taped and we are mudding. Tomorrow I am off work and will be mudding all of the joints, and then my second coat can go on over the weekend. We are at the point now that I picked out pain colors for the walls and ceiling.

Neutrals? Yep. The paint is bought and ready to go once the primer is on.

This weekend I will definitely need to dust off the Juki because I am running out of time to make a window covering for one of my coworkers. He asked me to make something to put over the back of window of his squad during K9 trials (yearly recertifications). This will hopefully keep K9 Bleu calm with all of the activity going on during trials. I made one for the side window last year. One down-one to go.

While the Juki is out, I can also get these sewn together.

Binding strips for Sunflower Fields. I want a solid binding on this one so I am using 2 1/2″ strips.

Will there be enough time in the weekend to get all of this done? Maybe not. But if there is I have a stack of Garden Posey blocks kitted up just in case.

Until then, I can flip through quilting magazines, thanks to my Aunt Betsy, who ordered me some subscriptions!

I have Quiltmaker and Quilting World to go through. Tons of very cool patterns and ideas to get inspired.

I’d love to start now, but there is housework that needs to get done before I head to work. So on that un-happy note, I better get to work!

Tia H

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