Project Design and Remodel Update

Good morning!

I thought I’d give a little update for everyone hanging around for the remodel project, which has disrupted normal life around the QPD.

Our living room is coming along, albeit slowly. The living room is the center of our house, both literally and figuratively. It runs the full width of the house and separates the bedrooms from the kitchen/bathroom/workroom/etc. Most of our evenings at home are spent in there.

Here is the current state of the remodel. Drywall is going up on the ceiling. Next step is to hang it on the walls. Can you see where the fireplace used to be in the corner? The previous owners took it out and left an absolute mess underneath the paneling they put up.

Without that living space the rest of the house is flipped, turned upside down (Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, anyone?) Our living room furniture is distributed between the kitchen, both bedrooms, and my workroom. Unfortunately, a side effect of this remodel is that my sewing machine has been temporarily moved aside so that Garrick can have his computer set up in that space.

What does that mean for me? I thought it would be a good time for some hand work, but between the stacked-in state of my fabrics and the drywall dust throughout the house, I’m keeping that on the back burner. Instead, I’ve got my laptop up and have been tweaking some designs.

I know I have plenty of strings to use. The top one (currently labeled Zig Zag Strings) is kind of a free-for-all color scheme, with the only constant being a red fabric in the center of each block.

The other design is a work in progress. All I know for sure is that I want a quilt with Neutral Strings as the dominant design aspect. Should I keep them as a basket Weave? Set them on point? Change the string direction to diagonal? Who knows.

Both of these, when they are finalized and eventually made into a quilt top, will find their way into the free patterns tab.

How about this unnamed picture? The red chain almost smacks me in the face every time I open this project on the screen. What I love about this setting is that it looks on point, but isn’t. I bet this would look great in a softer color scheme, but I want something bold.

The last design I have going is this pinwheel quilt. I like the idea of repeating the pinwheel design in different sizes. It feels whimsical and looks much more complicated than it is (I hope, because it’s coming up quickly on the to-do list).

The design process can be fun, but I’m getting antsy to have my house back together so I can settle into my normal fabric-oriented lifestyle. I’ve been getting my quilting fix mostly online, looking at other people’s projects.

Help me out by letting me know what you have going on in your quilting world! What’s your current project? Send me a picture!

Tia H

5 thoughts on “Project Design and Remodel Update

  1. Debby Leckel

    Working on two quilts right now. A Spider-Man one and a rodeo one. Just getting the materials together. Can’t sent pictures cuz I am in Florida avoiding all the snow! Will see you at oak forest of not before. Will send picture at a latter date.

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  2. Kim Fox

    I like the unnamed red chain design šŸ˜ as for the reno, you’ll be thrilled with everything little thing that gets finished after living through it. I’ve lived in two houses while building them. It’s a mess, but it’s so rewarding and money saving šŸ˜„

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