Quilting and Block Progress

This past week has been hectic. One of our local towns was having an event so tourism traffic through our area was crazy. It was a long week at work between my shifts, court and a meeting, but that’s not all we had going on. We also got the new ceiling in our living room framed in and the remodel area is cleaned and prepped for the next step.

The weather isn’t cooperating for my brother Dane to work on his jobsite, so he went home over the weekend and got snowed in! Progress on the living room remodel is on hold until he is able to drive back up here.

After getting caught up around the house, yesterday afternoon was dedicated to getting my hands on some fabric. I started off by finishing the Red/White alternate blocks for Garden Party.

I love the variety of neutrals in these blocks. And speaking of neutrals, check out the print I’m using in the background of these pictures. I believe it is a newsprint style dictionary, but the “ink” is smeared just enough that I can’t be sure. I love fabric with words on it. This one was on sale at Walmart for $2.50/yd. I don’t shop at Walmart for fabric very often but I couldn’t pass it up.

Did you notice how well these blocks are pressed?

That’s all thanks to the new iron my husband picked up for me. It’s a Shark Professional, whatever that means, and it does the job very well so far.

After I buzzed through the rest of the alternate blocks, I tried out a few of the Garden Poseys.

I think I am going to love the final result on this quilt. These blocks are so tiny and fun.

Other than Garty Party, what am I working on?

Trying out my new Fons and Porter quilting gloves. The seller we bought from on EBay took FOR-E-VER to ship them but they are here now, and work great. I got back to my Sunflower Fields, and made some progress on the borders.

For the inner border, I did straight line stitching 1/4″ from the edges using a walking foot.

For the Petal border, I am doing a type of feather, that looks like thin leaves, or seaweed. I start with a curved stem, and work my way up the sides with the leaves, much like the way a traditional feather is quilted.

Here you can get an idea what I mean, I know the lighting is horrible in this picture, my bad. I am working on making sure the ends of the leaves come to a sharp point, which means maintaining complete control over a small area of the quilt. You can see why the quilting gloves are so helpful!

In the cornerstones I am doing stitch in the ditch to outline the 16 patches.

One other project that has been in the works, of course, is my Leader and Ender project. Some of you may remember the Tumbler Quilt I gave an update on a while back. I have been keeping a stack of tumblers by my machine and have been working them in between lines of chain piecing. The rows grow quickly when piecing Garden Posey blocks, which are built one at a time.

I added rows 4-6 making the alternate blocks and just 7 Garden Poseys.

As always, I had as much help as I could manage while I worked.

Mona, head of QPDs Quilting K9 squad, decided that the best place to be was right next to the machines gas pedal.

If felt great to be working at the machine again after a few days off. We have more snow and negative temps in the forecast so hopefully that means more machine time too.

Stay warm!

Tia H.

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