Garden Chain and Remodel Update

We’ve had a busy week around home. The remodel is in full swing which means that the dining room is in the entryway and my living room is in my kitchen.

So far we have everything torn out, including a half-wall/pass through, which is being made into a cased opening.

The cased doorway is all framed in. We are dealing with a house that is very out-of-square, so about half our time is spent making things level.

Tonight we are reframing the ceiling. Once that is in we will be hanging drywall on the walls and ceiling. We still haven’t settled on what type of flooring we will install.

I’m also still deciding on paint colors. Any suggestions? The color we choose will most likely also be the kitchen color when I get around to painting in there.

While waiting for my brother to get back today I’ve kept busy pulling carpet staples, bringing in lumber and catching up on housework. Now that I’m caught up I sat down and did some more work on the chain blocks for Garden Party.

Mid way through my first set of ten blocks, my iron died. It was a cheapo Black and Decker that I bought at Walmart about six years ago. I think I paid $20 for it, so I can’t complain. It’s had a long, busy life of quilt making.

The garden chain blocks are on hold until I am able to replace it. Luckily, my husband just got home and is heading to Rice Lake (the closest town with, well, literally anything) and will pick one up for me.

After all of that there is only one thing left to do before getting back to work on the remodel: take a nap.

Tia H.

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