Nine Patches and Remodeling

Over the weekend I started cutting strips and block kits for the pattern “Garden Party”. I got all 100 Garden Posey blocks kitted up and ready to go, and also got the strips cut for the alternate nine patch blocks and pieced setting triangles.

The accuquilt really does make cutting faster and more accurate for strips. After I had them cut, I strip pieced red and white fabrics together and started sub-cutting the strip sets. I got several cuts in before a lightbulb went off and I pulled the cutter out again.

I laid out the short strip sets on the cutter and rolled them through. I only tried with two layers deep but was able to cut 60 at a time. This made the process so fast! I just had to make sure that the strip sets were lined up as straight as possible before cutting them up.

With all of the time that I saved I was able to finish up the 9 patch centers for the alternate blocks.

I’m looking forward to starting the Garden Posey blocks sometime this week, although I think that may be delayed due to a remodeling project we started yesterday.

The living room in our house has been needing to be redone since we moved in. The walls are a combination of paneling, tongue and groove and broken plaster and lath. The ceiling is one layer of a synthetic board over a plaster and lath later, and the carpeting is worn out and tacked/glued over subfloor and hardwood flooring.

This project has been on the to-do list for quite a while, and has finally become a reality. My brother, who is a contractor, is working at a job site in the area and offered to help us out with the living room while he stays with us.

Yesterday I worked on moving furniture and decor items out of the room. While I was at work last night my husband and my brother ripped out the old carpeting. Unfortunately I didn’t get an “before” photos to share before we started. I’ll be sure to take Progress photos as we go.

I am hoping to replace all of the paneling/plaster with drywall and if the hardwood flooring can’t be salvaged, to replace it with vinyl planks.

Meanwhile, my sewing machine will stay mostly blocked in by the living room furniture, so I’ll find other things to do. Like reorganizing my scraps!

My strip bins have gotten out of hand. When I started using the Scrap User System I had my strips sorted by size and color. After a few years, they have become mixed and stuffed together, until all of the strips need to be ironed before I can use them. This absolutely defeats the purpose of having them in useable sizes ready to go!

I took this photo in the living room on Monday morning, I guess I took a “before” photo and didn’t even know it! You can see that I’ve sorted a strip bin by color and am pressing them. After having all of the strips of one color pressed, I folded them over in one stack. Then they were set neatly into the bins.

One drawer down, three to go.

How do you keep your scraps sorted? By size, color or shape?

Tia H.

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