Cutting and Kitting

This week I have been working on design. I have four quilts that are mostly designed in EQ. I’m not sold on color placement and alternate blocks for some yet. Three of these are string quilts, which is exciting and necessary, due to the overflowing string bins that are waiting for a project.

At least two of those projects will end up in the free patterns tab on this site. But that will be a ways down the road.

Do you remember my glove-pop incident?

The situation has gotten much worse since I posted this picture, and I ended up throwing away the gloves. I ordered replacement gloves that day and they still haven’t arrived! I am waiting on them to show up before I finish quilting Sunflower Fields. My quilting work surface is not very big and a quilt this size creates a lot of drag. I count on these gloves to help me keep my grip and I’ve found that without them, my quilting on large projects is not as smooth and I tend to break thread/needles/my sanity more often. So, waiting it is. My plan to get several tops quilted and bound in February is not going well, since I’m still on my first for the month!

I would like to shout out a congratulations to Sandra B., who won a copy of the Coral Reef Pattern in a giveaway on Instagram. Do you follow us @the_quilt_police? I run giveaways at least once a month and post quilt-related content every couple of days.

Yesterday, instead of working on things around home, I took the accuquilt over to my in-laws, and helped Laura tackle a pile of scraps that needed to be cut into usable strips. We used the 1 1/2″ and 2 1/2″ dies, and cut several hundred strips for the scrap-user-system. I’m fortunate to have a cutter, and glad to be able to use it for more than just me!

After scrap cutting, hot chocolate and several hands of Rummy 500, Laura made sure I went home with a box of strips for my next project. I’ve decided to tackle Garden Party, which is a Bonnie Hunter Pattern from her book, Addicted to Scraps. I don’t usually choose quilts that require pre-cutting individual blocks and kitting them up, but I’ve admired this one since the book was released.

Does this look familiar?

Garden Party has 199 blocks and is set on point. I will be cutting and kitting up 100 of the blocks, the alternating 99 blocks can be strip pieces from red and neutral fabrics.

Last night after going out for Fish Fry, and an after dinner nap, I got out the cutting mat and ruler and started the kitting process.

I am cutting from 1 1/2″ strips, conveniently still in a box on my counter from the afternoon at Laura’s. I managed to get 30 of the blocks cut and and sandwich baggies.

I have a pile of sandwich bags in my workroom that get reused and recycled for quilting projects. I keep one full block in each bag, and pin the bags in sets of ten with a safety pin. This helps me keep track of how many I have. I will most likely kit up a few extra in case some blocks turn out wonky, or I don’t like them. Anything left over will find its way into the backing.

The rest of the weekend is wide open so far. Garrick will be working on a couple of cars in the garage and I will hopefully get the remaining 70 blocks ready to go.

Do you prefer projects that can be strip pieced, or ones that each block needs to be cut individually? Do you pre-cut everything or cut as you go? Let me know in the comments!

Tia H.

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