Coral Reef Pattern Release!

Good Morning Everyone! I am excited to announce the release of another pattern, Coral Reef!

I have been wanting to make a quilt with coral fabrics for a while, and decided to pair them with aqua, dark blue and neutral.  I used this picture, from ARS Technica, as inspiration for the colors.

Inspo Pic

You can see that the aqua and dark blues contrast well, and the coral color adds a nice pop.

One of the things I focused on in the design process was adding movement in the pattern.  I wanted to create a “wave” effect.  So, without further ado, meet Coral Reef!

Ad Pic

As you can tell, the movement is made by turning one of the blocks row-by-row, and allowing them to look as though the aqua fabrics are woven together.

This pattern was tested by a new friend, thanks to @turtlequilterjo on Instagram for volunteering your talents.

I was able to complete my own quilt top yesterday.

Coral Reef Quilt Top

I love how soft the aqua fabrics look in the final product!

This pattern is up on Etsy right now with free shipping on all orders.  I am also running a 25% off sale on my other patterns, Sunflower Fields and Crown Chakra.

Have you made a Coral Reef inspired quilt? Lets see some pictures!

Tia H.


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