Free Motion Quilting Practice

Do you ever want to work on something that isn’t a “project?” I have several quilts in various stages of completion but the other day I didn’t want to work on any of them.

I had a day this week where I just wanted to practice some free motion quilting designs. So, instead of doing what I should have been doing (I.e. cleaning my house), I made a little quilt sandwich. About 10″x16″ with some scrap fabric and a cut off piece of batting.

I knew I wanted to practice some grid-based designs so I marked out a 1″ grid with a sharpie.

I don’t worry about being super exact, I just want to be able to see them. I also switched my thread over to black. For practice, I want my stitching to stand out.

I started off with some continuous curves.

Then on to a basic clamshell.

And finally some filler grid designs. I use a contrasting thread so that I can easily spot mistakes and know which techniques or motions need additional practice.

I believe that as individual quilters, we are our own worst critics. I am focusing on building my confidence with free motion quilting so I can add texture to my quilts, other than a stipple/meander.

I think that the gentle curve would make a great all-over in my next basted quilt.

What are your go-to quilting designs?

After finishing “Birds in the Air” I downloaded Union Quilters to read. I didn’t realize that it is part of a whole series so I will have to go back and start at the beginning, but I still enjoyed the story.

My big goal for this week is to finish my quilt top for my next pattern release. I have the pattern written and ready to go, I just have to put the darn thing together! I love this pattern, but I have several things ahead of it on the to-do list. And yet here is sit, playing with a quilt sandwhich/procrastination device. I currently have the pattern sent out for testing, thanks to a follower on Instagram.  Do you follow The Quilt Police Instagram feed? I try to post daily photos, and run contests from time to time.  Check us out @copquilter or on the Facebook page, @The Quilt Police.

I am anticipating releasing this pattern later this month, so make sure to look for that!

Until next time,

Tia H.

One thought on “Free Motion Quilting Practice

  1. Linda

    Keep reading the Jennifer Chiaverini books. You can read the Elm Creek Books in order or not. But also look at “Mrs. Lincoln’s Dress Maker” and some of her other historical novels. They are all based of fact and well researched. There is one about Mrs.Grant that I enjoyed and another Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival. I listen to many audio books while quilting. The Chiaverini books are old friends of mine. My favorite? Hummm, Mrs. Lincoln’s Dress Maker and the Aloha Quilt but read them all.

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