Quilting Progress

On Friday I had the chance to get Sunflower Fields basted. I can pin smaller quilts on my table but for anything couch size or larger, I talk my in laws into giving up their living room for the afternoon.

My mother in law generously donates her time to help my get the frame set up and pin the quilt.

It gets pretty warm pinning the side closest to the fire!

This quilt has a green floral print for the backing and uses 80/20 batting that I purchased by the roll a while back. I prefer batting with scrim, I find it easier to handle during the quilting process.

Sunflower Fields

I love how smooth the quilt looks on the frame. This process took us about 2 hours. After it was off the frame I flipped through a few quilting books and snagged some to bring back to my house.

After getting home, I had to sit down and just see how the quilt looked with a little bit more thread into it….

98″x80″ on my domestic machine. My quilting area does not have a large table so I pull my ironing board up next to it and pile the excess quilt on top to reduce the pull on the quilt as I move it. What is your quilting set up? Send me a picture!

This quilt is BUSY, so I didn’t want to add any extra pattern in the center. For the blocks I am using a large stipple. I am planning something fancier for the borders.

I suppose you can only snag a quilting glove on safety pins before it starts to wear out. I’ll have a new set of gloves ordered by the end of the day.

One thing I’ve learned about free motion quilting is to check the tension after each bobbin.

I didn’t think I changed anything during the process but bobbin #7 proved me wrong. I caught this early into the bobbin and only had to pick out a yard or so of stitches.

I tend to quilt for a bobbin, take a break, quilt for a bobbin, take a break, etc. At the end of the weekend the center of the quilt was finished.

I also spent some time with a book I downloaded to my kindle. I haven’t read much “quilty ” fiction but the book “Birds in the Air” was recommended on an episode of The Stitch TV Show, and sounded intriguing. I really enjoyed it and it was an easy read.

Have you read it? What are some quilt-related books that you’ve enjoyed? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Tia H.

7 thoughts on “Quilting Progress

  1. Sunflower afields is very pretty. Sounds like my 4’ square sewing space is much like mine! I hope you enjoy Birdsin the Air. I’m listening to a podcast: “Friendship Album” by the same author. I’m really enjoying it.
    Carol Andrews

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