Adding Movement to Quilts

One of the things I like about designing quilts is using units that create movement in the pattern.

I do NOT like to sew curved seams, so I need to incorporate something else to add movement or the appearance of curves throughout the quilt.

A lot of the design phase involves research. I come up with a design concept, and research the bajeezus (it’s a real word, I think) out of it. I do this because I don’t want to copy someone else’s design.

I found a few photos of quilts that I loved, that have movement for very different reasons.

This beauty is from This quilt uses hexagons, triangles and nine patches to create a circular design with the white fabrics through the quilt. I absolutely love it!

This quilt is from

It uses a very basic block set with sashing and cornerstones. What gives this quilt movement is the quilting throughout the piece. Absolutely stunning!

What do you use as inspiration and research when planning quilts?

Other things going on this week included Block 4 from our Block of the Week Challenge.

@withakquilting is keeping up with us on Instagram. She is using brights instead of the red white and blues that I have. I love the colors in this Block, and the variety of neutrals!

Thanks to some great suggestions after a blog post last week, I’ll be reducing the number of days per week that I wrote a blog post. In order to keep content relevant and engaging, I plan on reducing from 6-7 posts per week, to 3-4 posts per week. The posts might end up longer, but that way I’ll be able to put out content that is engaging and worth the read.

Until next time,

Tia H.

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