Cutting Rectangles

Both yesterday and the day before, I spent a few minutes working on cutting rectangles for my next pattern.

For these rectangles I’m working with neutral and coral/pink fabrics,

I ended up with a whole pile of each. I got ahead of myself and forgot to make a test Block first to double check my quilt math, so let’s hope these turn out to be the size I need.

My next step will be cutting squares from coral and aqua blue fabrics. But that will have to wait another day.

This week ended up being busy around home on my days off. I ran errands and did some housework, and we also had a sick puppy!

Mona must have eaten something that didn’t agree with her, and was sick for a full day. Mona tends to be pretty dramatic when she doesn’t feel well. Have you heard of “man flu?” When a guy gets a tiny bit sick and acts like they are dying? Mona has the dog version of that. Here she is with the doggy quilt, moping away her self pity.

She feels better today and is back to her normal self.

This weekend I’ll be working, but I’m expecting a visit from my parents. I got a call yesterday that they are planning on stopping to deliver some Christmas gifts. I believe one of them is an electric fabric cutter. (Fingers crossed!)

I’m hoping they get here in time to visit for a while before I leave for me shift.

Until next time,


One thought on “Cutting Rectangles

  1. Laura A Kildow

    I can’t wait to see your newest block, I love the colors! So glad Mona is better, just in time to soak up the love your parents will being. Stay warm out there!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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