Fabric Shopping! I

Yesterday while my sister Paige was here to visit, we went grocery shopping for my house.  While we were in Rice Lake (WI), we stopped by The Busy Bobbin quilting shop.

busy bobbin

I’ve been to this store several times and am always amazed at the selection they have for such a small space.

I’m working on building up my stash of corals/pinks for the next project.


I found several fabrics I needed, and some that I didn’t know I needed until I saw them on the shelf.

I came away with 5 yards total.  With this pile I am stocked up and ready to go on the next quilt.  I’m planning on starting the cutting process later today.

After we finished our fabric excursion we stopped for Chinese food, then groceries and then back to my house.  We spent the afternoon around home.  Paige joined me for my workout and helped me with my weekly meal prep.

Paige also stepped into QPD for a couple minutes to check out Breadcrumbs, which is still hanging on the wall from its mini-photo shoot.

After she left for the day, I sat down and planned out a few upcoming projects that I plan to feature on the blog.  My focus for this website is to publish content that is engaging and instructive.  So, with that in mind, I’d like to ask a few questions:

Is there anything you would like to read about? 

Are there any skills you want to learn? 

What sort of content would be valuable to you as a quilter/crafter?

Do you prefer written instructions with photos?  Or are videos easier to learn from?

Are there any tools you would like to see demonstrated or reviewed?

Let me know in the comments, or send me an email at copquilter@gmail.com

Looking forward to your feedback!

Tia H.

4 thoughts on “Fabric Shopping! I

  1. Linda

    I like written instructions with photos. I can view, easily return to the beginning, then follow the directions step by step without stopping a video. I can do either but prefer the photo.

    Other skills or tools, I guess ruler quilting. How do you pick out the correct ruler then of course how do you use them. They are not a cheap tool so I want know be sure I can make it work for me before I invest. Oh, and how to choose the correct foot for your machine too. I understand there are options and those little feet are costly too. I want the right one from the beginning.

    Demo’s of small items that could be gifts or helps for other quilters. Those little things. I was thrilled when I found some tutorials for clever little bags, mug rugs, Christmas tree decorations. They gave me so basics and I could then let creativity run wild.

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  2. Laura A Kildow

    I love using what I have on hand so all your scrapping and cumb projects are perfect for me. Pictures work so well for me but I’m really learning a lot from your videos too, they are just the right length and get right to the point! Thank you for sharing your amazing creativity!

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