A Day With My Sister

Today is going to be a good day around the QPD. One of my younger sisters is here for a visit. She drove down last night while I was at work and spent the evening watching movies and playing with the dogs.

Today we have fun adventures planned that include a shopping trip (grocery) and meal prepping for the week. Maybe we will swing by the fabric store just for the heck of it, who knows.

A few projects are in the works at QPD, including an upcoming pattern.

This week has been primarily focused on color selection and placement. I wanted to try something other than whites/creams for my background fabrics so I auditioned a gray.

I’m not convinced there is enough contrast so I tried it in grayscale to see.

Nope. Not enough contrast at all. White/cream neutrals it is! The gray will be put to use somewhere else.

For comparison, here is a grayscale picture with an off white fabric instead.

It’s a good thing I enjoy working with neutrals!

I have some other, non-quilt projects coming up. One of them is using recycled items to make dog toys for the department K9. They are used during training and tend to wear out fast. I have a retired bite-sleeve that I’ll be working with, and also plan on asking local fire departments how I can get my hands on old fire hose pieces.

I’ll try and get pictures of the dog toy project as I go along. The material is VERY thick and coarse so it will be a challenge to work with.

What are some non-quilt projects on your list? Do you have experience working with fire hose as a fabric? Let me know in the comments.

Did you get a chance to look at yesterday’s blog post? I was able to get the free pattern for “Breadcrumbs” up on the site. Getting the top basted and quilted is looking a lot like a February project. I have several that are in the finished top, not quite a quilt stage. I think February will be the month of basting and quilting. Binding? Not so much.

What projects are you leaving undone? February is a short month, can we make it the month of doing things we’ve been putting off?

Let’s find out. Until next time, thanks for reading.


One thought on “A Day With My Sister

  1. Laura A Kildow

    You may want to come use the big upholstery machine with you start sewing on fire hose, it will go right through it with no stress or strain on the machine. Great use for old hose!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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