Crumb Update

Yesterday was a day for relaxing. I spent the morning at a friends house, drinking coffee and playing cards.

I was scheduled for a prep meeting at the courthouse but it was canceled, which I found out halfway there. After that I turned around and used my meeting time to work on some crumb blocks.

Another pile of 30 is ready to trim.

Recognize this? A spare sunflower point from Sunflower Fields made it into the crumb bin.

I also used up the remainder of a spool of thread stitching together a backing. 6 yards of fabric double over and sewn right sides together. 3 yards is going to be slightly to long, but I’ll trim the excess and put it right into the Scrap User System.

In other news, check out these blocks! Withalquilting is joining us from Instagram and participating in our Block of the Week Challenge. I love the alternate color way!

Are you joining us for this challenge? Click the Block of the Week tab at the top of the blog. We are only two blocks in, let me know if you’re following along. You can send pictures of your blocks to to be featured in a blog post.

Until next time,

The Quilt Police

2 thoughts on “Crumb Update

  1. Linda

    So I rummaged from my red, white on white, and blue bins. I cut all my squares while caring for my sick grandson. He was amazed that I could cut that many squares so quickly. He is 7 and although his mom is a quilter, he doesn’t get to watch her cut. Now, I will have the fun of showing him how big this quilt top will be made with my three small ziplock bags of squares. A good movie this week-end and a sharp pencil will have me ready to chain lots and lots and lots of HSTs. Pictures….. maybe next week.

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