Quilting the Baby Quilt

The baby quilt I posted yesterday is finished.  Quilted, bound and ready to go.  I do all of my own quilting on my Juki TL2000-QI.  Most of the quilting I do is a basic Stipple/Meander, although I’ve thrown a few feather borders on some of my large quilts, and have played around with more complicated designs on small quilts.

For the baby quilt, I decided to do a small meander in the center, and quilt a diamond design in the borders, using a walking foot.

Action Shot of the Juki

I tend to put off quilting a finished top, but I don’t know why, because I actually enjoy the quilting process.

What’s nice about the Juki is that the speed is very easy to control.   I also use quilting gloves to help me hold onto the quilt as I move it around.  Those of you who quilt on domestic sewing machines know how much even a small quilt can pull.


I use the medium quilting gloves from Fons and Porter.  They are very lightweight and don’t make my hands too hot while working, but they add a ton of stability to the process.

I am absolutely not a professional long arm quilter, but I enjoy the process and haven’t had any problems with my quilting so far.


Now that this quilt is finished, I can move to to basting some of the others that have been put off to the side.


I went to the store in search of batting, and walked out with a pile of backing fabrics.  The green one on the bottom right is a cute rotary mat print!

Thanks to the Yellow River Trading Company for the great fabrics! I can’t seem to walk out of there without buying a few yards.

Until next time,

The Quilt Police

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