Free Pattern: Baby Quilt

This quilt was made as a gift for my coworker and his wife, who are expecting a baby.

Baby Tucker Quilt

This quilt finishes at 34 1/2″ x 43 1/2″.

Yardage Requirements:

3/4 Yard Neutrals

2 1/2 Yard Assorted Dark Fabrics

1/2 Yard Border Fabric

Rotary Cutting:

From DARK Fabrics,Cut

(72) 2 7/8″ Squares

(108) 2 1/2″ Squares


From NEUTRAL Fabrics, Cut

(72) 2 7/8″ Squares

(48)  2 1/2″ Squares


From BORDER fabric, cut 4″ strips.


Step One: 9 Patches

Using the dark and neutral 2 1/2″ Squares, make twelve 9-Patches with dark fabrics in the corners and center.

9 patch

Step Two: Half Square Triangles

Using the DARK and NEUTRAL 2 7/8″ Squares.  Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the back side of the NEUTRAL squares.

Drawn Line Cropped

Place a NEUTRAL and a DARK square right-sides-together.  Sew 1/4″ on both sides of the diagonal line.

Stitch Line Cropped

Cut on the diagonal line.  Press open to the dark.  MAKE 144 Half Square Triangle Units.

Step Three: 

Using the remaining DARK Squares, and 96 of the Half Square Triangle units, sew a half square triangle to two sides of each dark square so that the neutral triangles mirror each other and point outward.


Sew 48 of these. Angled units.

Step 4:

Using the 9 Patch blocks, and the angled units from step 3, sew an angled unit to two sides of the 9 patch.  Keep the neutral triangles pointing outwards.


Step 5:

Take the remainder of the Half Square Triangles, and the Angle units from Step Three.  Add a half square triangle on each end with the DARK triangle pointing outwards.


Sew these units to the top and bottom of the 9 patches.  Turning them to keep the Dark Triangles at the outside corners.


Sew the blocks together into four rows of three blocks.  Then sew the rows together.

no border

Measure the length of the quilt center in the middle.  Mine measured 36″ at this point.

Cut your border fabric 4″ strips to the length of your quilt and sew them to the sides. Press open.

Measure the width of your quilt at the center.  Mine measured 34 1/2″ at this point. Cut border strips to your width and sew them to the top and bottom of the quilt.


Baste, quilt and bind.  I free motion quilted the center with a small meander, and used a walking foot to echo the diamond design in the border.

Until next time,

The Quilt Police

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