Working with Crumbs

Over the weekend I had plenty of machine time available and was able to try out some of the scraps that were gifted to my mother in law. I have a crumb project in mind so that’s what they went towards.

For crumb piecing I use foundation papers. I keep an old phone book around and cut pages to whatever size I’m working with. This weekend was 3 1/2″ squares.

I start from the center and work my way out, add pieces as I go. I finger-press while I’m working on it, after the paper is covered I press with my iron.

These blocks are quick, easy and completely chaotic.

I ended up with a whole pile of them.

Then when I was ready for a break from sewing, I trimmed them up, even with the square papers. I’ll leave the papers in until I’m ready to join blocks together. At that point I’ll sit down in front of a movie and spend some time to take the papers out.

Look at the variety! Crumbs are bits and pieces that don’t fit in the scrap user system units I use, and they aren’t long enough to use as a string. These are things that would otherwise be thrown away, here there are in blocks. Just as good as any piece of yardage I could buy.

Here is my progress for the weekend. Trimmed and clipped in stacks of 10. I need a whopping 320 for the quilt I have planned. This may turn into a long term project by the end of it….

That’s all for today.

Until next time,

The Quilt Police

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