Fabric Gift

Yesterday we went over to my in-laws house to bring in some firewood. We ended up staying for a fantastic lunch and I talked my mother in law into letting me take a stab at sorting her scraps.

Recently, she was gifted bags and bags of fabric scraps from several members of her quilting group. We started to sort them and ended up with several boxes of strings, crumbs/smaller scraps and a large pile of fabric that was worth cutting into strips for her scrap-user system.

We also found several large chunks of fabric, and kept anything larger than a quarter yard whole.

We sorted until we had a pile of “things to be cut” and and I went at it with the rotary cutter.

We topped off the 1 1/2″ and 2″ strip bins!

Meanwhile, she kept right on sorting scraps. My mother in law is on track to make a very impressive Wild and Goosey variation. For those of you who paper piece, I believe that they are 3 1/2″ foundations and end up with 13 pieces in them. They use up very small scraps in dark and neutrals, so we sorted the crumbs to fit them.

The scraps which were larger but didn’t merit cutting into strips got sorted into strings, separated by color group.

Large piles each got a box, small piles were put in ziplock bags and piled in a box together.

It didn’t take very long but it was fun to see all of the fabrics that people had chosen to quilt with.

I took home a pile of neutral strings to help finish the borders of my green/neutral string quilt. I’m hoping to have the pattern written and posted tomorrow.

Until next time,

The Quilt Police

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