Blocks in Progress

New Year’s Eve day was spent in the sewing room, also known as QPD (Quilt Police Department). It snowed ALL DAY LONG so it was a good day to stay inside.

Over the weekend I played with EQ8 on a new quilt design so, of course, I had to try out a few units. A few turned into…enough for a quilt. TONS of power sewing was happening. At the end of the afternoon yesterday I had one complete set of blocks. This design uses two alternating blocks.

This one is a ShooFly/Puss In The Corner hybrid block and I couldn’t get enough of them. The finish at 6″ in the quilt.

I used the companion angle ruler to make the hourglass in the center and the easy angle ruler to make the half square triangles in the corner. I don’t own a huge selection of specialty rulers but I don’t like the traditional method of making this units, which involves drawing diagonals on squares, then sewing either side, then cutting on the line. It takes too much time! The Easy Angle and Companion Angle eliminate all that extra. Just cut you fabric, then sew it. Done.

Note: I’m not affiliated with the company that makes those rulers, I just really like them.

This quilt will also have a star block, which is in progress right now.

I’m also working on drafting the rest of the Block of The Week challenge. Are you sewing along? Click HERE for the introduction post to get all of the information you will need to tag along.

Doing all the chain sewing for these blocks meant that I was able to use my leader/ender tumblers quite a few times.  I completed one full row for the tumbler quilt just making these blocks.  The alternate blocks go together like a 9 patch, so I will be able to add a few to the next tumbler row as well.

Until next time.

The Quilt Police

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