What’s on the Design Wall?

For those of you who are new to quilting or crafting, you may not know what a design wall is. A design wall is simply a vertical area with a fabric covering that you can use to audition blocks or lay out a quilt.

I haven’t had a design wall until recently, and am really enjoying using it to move blocks into place, rather than crawling around on the floor.

How did I make my design wall? Well, it’s really nothing fancy. I took a piece of flannel that I had in the cupboard, and I tacked it to the wall. That’s it!

I had some extra wall space after the purging we recently did in our house, so I am trying this out. So far cotton fabrics seem to be sticking quite well, and I can easily move them around.

Last night I laid out some sampler blocks on it, and they are sticking right in place.

Patriotic Sampler in Progress

Patriotic Sampler Quilt in Progress! At this point I am figuring out what additional blocks I should add. For now I’m going to leave the blocks up so that I keep this project in the front of my brain.

Do you have a design wall? I’d love to see pictures and ideas. Do you have a different way of laying blocks out?

Until next time,

The Quilt Police

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