Project Finish!

Yesterday I sat down and procrastinated on one project by finishing another.

Instead of putting borders on the string quilt , I pulled out a half-finished, small quilt that is intended to be a dog bed.

It was partially quilted already, and I’ve been using it to practice different Free Motion Quilting techniques.

I just had the borders and cornerstones to quilt and was able to get it done in just a few minutes.

I used a large meander in the orange border sections, and tried to creat a fern-type lead in the corner stones. The center of the quilt was a little more intricate.

Feather swirl with an echo.

Small projects like this are a great way to practice different designs without getting overwhelmed.

After I finished quilting I made up some binding and got it on right away.

Here is the final outcome!

It didn’t take long for Holly to claim it as her own!

Until next time,

The Quilt Police

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