Sunflower Fields Pattern Launch!

Today is the first official sale day for my pattern, Sunflower Fields!

Here she is! Isn’t she cheerful? This quilt is made with two alternating blocks and has a great amount of both structure and movement! Doesn’t this quilt just SCREAM summertime!!!

I’ve listed this pattern for sale in my Etsy shop, check out

Unlike most patterns available on Etsy, this is a HARD copy pattern! No need to fuss around with downloading a PDF, I’ll ship a paper copy right to you!

I have this pattern listed at only $14.00, I hope you will consider it!

Meanwhile, a lot of other things are happening behind the scenes here at The Quilt Police Station, the top for my green/neutral string quilt is almost complete and will be up on the Free Pattern page of the blog just as soon as it’s finished! We have had a lot of great suggestions for names coming in on Instagram (@thequiltpolice) and I’m working on selecting one.

I also have a patriotic sampler quilt in the works. I’m looking ahead to January for the final design to be finished.

So far I have a stockpile of quilt tops waiting to be basted, and more on the way!

Until next time,

The Quilt Police

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