Stringing Along

Today I got back from visiting my sister early enough to get some sewing in!

I’m still working on string blocks and I thought I’d get a few done but it seems the cat had other plans!

June plopped herself right now on my string blocks and insisted that I pet her instead of sewing. Oh well.

I was able to get back to sewing later and made quite a bit of progress. I’m done with about 2/3rds of the blocks for this quilt. Still no name but it will come to me eventually.

This weekend was a great time. I stayed at my sister Katelyn’s house. On Saturday we went to a Home Free concert along with several other family members. It was a girls night out and 10 of us went.

Another sister, Paige, rode along with Katelyn and I. We decided that since it was a Christmas concert we would find the ugliest Christmas outfits around, and off to Walmart we went.

I look like the elvish executioner!

The concert was a whole lot of fun, Home Free puts on a great show!

Half of the group!

Waiting in line for autographs! Austin Brown commented on my festive outfit! What a night!

Until next time,

The Quilt Police

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