Decluttering the Workroom

I am about halfway through the decluttering madness around the house. Today’s focus was the workroom. I missed my chance to take some “before” pictures but imagine, if you will, clutter in every corner, closet and shelf.

I had miscellaneous projects that were never going to get finished, piles of stuff acquired at resale shops, garage sales and purchased from stores.

I’ve separated my items into four categories.





I’ve been doing some self evaluation during this process and have been asking “am I ACTUALLY going to use this” “Do I actual NEED this” and other questions of that sort.

You would not believe the amount of belongings I am getting rid of. I’ve even gone as far as to get rid of 3 of my 4 sewing machines.

It turns out, the Keep pile is very small,

I’m gifting my Brother CS-6000i to one of my cousins, and two are going to the habitat for humanity resale shop.

I’ve reduced my storage needs in this one room that I’ve been able to clear out a 4 shelf cabinet and two 3 drawer sterilite containers. YIKES!

I’ve sorted scraps that needed sorting and even got my buttons sorted by color. Every surface is dusted, windows are washed and the floor is scrubbed.

Oofta, I think that’s enough for today.

Here are some “after” pictures. Hopefully this motivates you (although I’m sure you keep your workspace organized to begin with) to take a look at what you’ve acquired and ask yourself if it is needed, wanted and going to be used.

Not a single piece of clutter!

Even the closet is neat and tidy.

Buttons are sorted! I used a handy tackle box that was leftover after decluttering the random items it used to hold.

Holy Cats! I am exhausted.

My husband scheduled all of his side-hustle work around this weekend so we can tackle the rest of the house starting tomorrow. Wish us luck!

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