First Quilt and More Canning

Yesterday was spent canning beef for a friend and fielding phone calls from work. It looks like I’ll be heading in to work early today!

My coworker/friend has been talking about needing to make space in his freezer. My answer to that is canning! I like to keep meat canned for convenience meals, so I ordered to put some in jars for he and his family. They are considering getting in to canning but haven’t eaten many canned goods are aren’t sure if it would be a wise investment. I say try before you buy!

So he brought a cooler of frozen beef into work and I got it all canned up today, along with some candied jalapeños (we are out). Needless to say all of that didn’t leave any time for the sewing machine. But that’s ok, not every day gets to be spent exactly how we want!

I was trying to remember today, what I did for fun before I started quilting and I think I just spent a lot more time drinking coffee.

My first quilt was made in 2013. My husband (then fiancé) was living a few hours drive away and when I would go to visit his mom would teach me the next step. I think it took three trips and several phone calls to finish. I didn’t buy my first sewing machine until after I had started on my quilt but that baby has seen a lot of miles of thread since those days!

She insisted on taking a picture so I hid behind the quilt! This quilt now has a few holes where my seams were too thin or too crooked, but it has seen 5 years of heavy use and is still the throw quilt on my living room couch.

I just have to say I have the greatest mother in law! She gave me the gift of creativity!

Until next time,

The Quilt Police

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