Four Patches

I’ve been preoccupied with canning lately so I haven’t had much time at the sewing machine. But yesterday I couldn’t resist sitting down and making some four patches.

Let’s see how these guys come together.

I started by cutting a pile of neutral and brown 1 1/2” strips. I laid a neutral and brown strip right sides together and sewed the strips with a 1/4” seam allowance.

Once you have seen your strip sets. Press them open to the dark.

Next take two of your strip sets and lay them right sides together so that the colors are opposite. You will be able to feel the seams lock together, which will help hold them together when sewing.


Make sub cutes along the strip set at 1 1/2” intervals. These will be your four patch pairs.

After you have all your pairs cut, send them through the sewing machine, with the top dark square going through first.

Chain piece the units and cut the chaining threads.

Now let’s look at the back. You can see that three of the seams go clockwise and one goes counterclockwise.

2F6F6781-C095-42EF-BAB7-2339C4C05E7DWe are going to make the seam “spin”. Grab that counter-clockwise seam and use your fingers to press it the other way.

Do you see the bottom right picture? All of the seams spin clockwise and the back has a tiny four patch in it too!

3BB63584-BED6-4843-B4D5-C515FC2E07AEPress the 4 patches flat. Aren’t these little guys cute? I’m hoping I have time this week to make a few more.

Until Next time,

The Quilt Police

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