Overflowing Strings

I started pulling fabrics for the Good Fortune quiltville mystery yesterday, but had a sudden realization that I have WAY too many strings that are begging to be turned into a quilt.

I think Good Fortune will be put on hold while I come up with a way to make a dent in this corner of the scrap madness.

The smallest pre-cut scraps I keep around are 2″. If I need something smaller for a specific project, I cut what I need from the stash. Otherwise, if I end up with a strip under 2″ it is thrown into the string stash.

I sort my strings by color group when I am cutting materials by color (I.e. if I am cutting red scraps the leftovers go in the red strings). I also keep a drawer for days when I am less organized and just throw everything in together.

My strings are stored in these three drawer bins. Look at that neutral drawer! It’s too full to close!

Now the question is what to do with all of these strings?

Maybe one of my past projects will drum up some ideas.

Neutral blocks seen in Jamestown Landing.

Free for all scrappy basket weave pattern set on-point.

Green string border on Falling Leaves!

String blocks with a basket weave setting in the backing of this one!

Maybe I could use some for string sashing? Zig zag string borders? The possibilities are endless.

What have you made with strings? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time,

The Quilt Police

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