Gearing up for Mystery Madness!

Is anyone else behind the 8 ball for this years Quiltville Mystery, Good Fortune?

I haven’t even pulled my fabrics for it. The colors this year are so bright I am considering doing an alternative color scheme.

I would like to use purples, I have a large stack of them!

This weekend was spent canning up a storm so I didn’t get much time to work in the sewing room. But I did get a chance to use my new steam canner!

It was an early birthday gift from my in-laws after my water bath canner sprung a leak.

We also found a used chest freezer for sale and brought it home on Friday. We’ve been looking for a second freezer since we ordered 1/2 of a beef cow.

Throughout this week I’ll be organizing all of our produce and venison into the new freezer, and our larger one will hold the beef when it comes.

Part of the freezer clean out process included canning 12 lbs of chicken breast so it is ready to use in the pantry. Between the chicken and venison, I had quite the pile of meat to can up!

I also steam juiced all of the cranberries I brought home, and made a variety of sauces from the pulp.

Now to wash all the jars and get them on the shelf! Then I can get back to quilting!

Until next time,

The Quilt Police

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