Hexie Progress and Home Canning

I had a great week hunting with family and was able to “tag out” by harvesting two deer and filling both my tags. Along with all of the relaxing time in the deer stand, it gave me time to hand piece hexies!

I got 9 done! I use 1″ hexie templates. I probably could have gotten more done but I take it slow and enjoy the process.

I take my entire hexie kit with me when I travel. It’s in a Sterilite container I got at Dollar General.

I keep it somewhat organized and have enough supplies to make about 20 hexie flowers.

Things in the box:

Colorful fabrics. I cut six-3″ squares of each fabric.

Neutral fabrics 3″ squares.

Thread (I use light gray)

Hand sewing needles

Hexie templates (cut from cardstock and kept in a smaller plastic container with screw on lid)

Thread snips

Thimble (rarely used)

Two binding clips (used to hold the fabric to the template for basting)

That’s it!

Other things in my world right now are spending time with my puppies and husband, and CANNING! Lots of canning!

Along with my venison I ended up coming home with a full Case of cranberries from my brother!

We are buying 1/2 of a beef cow in January and we are making space in out freezer. I butchered both deer and have 32 vacuum sealed roasts, back straps and steak packs, the rest was put into canning jars and pressure canned for shredded venison and venison tips,

I also canned 13 lbs of chicken breast last night and put several sliced onions in the crock pot to caramelize overnight.

The steam juicer ran all afternoon yesterday I at the end of the day I had about 14 quarts of cranberry juice ready to go.

This morning the French onion soup is in the pressure canner, and I have the steam canner going with cranberry juice.

I’m so happy that the steam canners are an approved method of water bath canning now! It saves so much time.

I still have to make cranberry sauce, and cranberry bbq sauce. And I got a request for some jalapeño jam for Christmas. Needless to say I’ve been kept busy and my house smells incredible!

After this weekend it should be back to business as usual and more quilty happiness.

Until tomorrow,

The Quilt Police

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