Free Pattern: Diamond Medallion

Here she is in all her scrappy wonder!  I have the top finished, but the quilting and binding will have to wait in line.

Diamond Medallion 2018

For this quilt you will need:

3 1/2 Yards Dark Fabrics

5 Yards Neutrals

Thats it!

The quilt will finish at 80″x80″

Lets get cutting! We are going to need a whole pile of 2 1/2″ Squares


From DARK scraps cut 432 – 2 1/2″ squares.

From NEUTRAL scraps cut 736!

Next we are going to cut some half square triangle pairs using the EASY ANGLE RULER.  Start by cutting a pile of 2 1/2″ strips from dark and neutral fabric.

Lay a dark strip right sides together with a neutral strip.


Square up the end of the fabric and line your EASY ANGLE ruler up with the 2 1/2″ line at the top of the fabric.


Cut along the line to get your first triangle pair. Next, flip the ruler so that the 2 1/2″ Line is at the top, and the black “Dog Ear” corner is hanging off the bottom edge of the fabric.  Make another cut.  Repeat these steps until you have 432 Half Square Triangle pairs.

DISCLAIMER: I am aware the above picture has 2″ strips, this photo is recycled from a previous demo. 

Lets get sewing!

Feed your half square triangle pairs through the machine, sewing on the long edge (hypotenuse for the geometry geeks).  Chain piece these babies by aligning the flat top of one triangle with the tail of the one you just sewed.


Once you have all your Half Square Triangles sewed, press them open to the dark and remove the remaining dog ears.

Next lets make our 9 patches.  This quilt will use 144 split 9 patch blocks.


Sew the units into rows.


Join the rows together to make one Split 9 Patch Block.


Make 144!

Sew the remaining Neutral 2 1/2″ Squares into neutral four patches.


Make 76 Neutral 4 patches.

Lets start building the quilt. We will assemble it in 4 sections, then attach borders. Lay out a section following the design pictured below.


Sew the the blocks into rows, then join the rows together.  Make 4 of these quarter-medallions.

Arrange the quarter medallions together, rotating them to create the center design.

center medallion

Next join the neutral 4 patches together.  You will need two rows of 18 units, and two rows of 20 units.  Sew the rows of 18 to each side, then sew the rows of 20 to the top and bottom.

The neutral borders give this quilt a floating appearance.  I love it!

diamond medallion quilt

Lets see how your Diamond Medallion quilt turns out!  Email your pictures to to be featured in a blog post.

Until tomorrow,

The Quilt Police

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