Meet Nellie the Juki

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I’d like to introduce you to my main machine, Nellie.


Nellie is a Juki TL-2000Qi and she is what I use to piece most quilts, and to quilt them all. Isn’t she pretty?

This machine is straight stitch only and is SO STINKIN’ FAST! Up to 1500 stitches per minute.  Sewing long strips together is a breeze.

What I like most about this machine is that practically the whole machine is metal inside and out.


Because most of the parts are metal, it does require oiling but that is very easy to learn and do.  I keep a bottle of 3-IN-ONE oil on my work table and oil it right away when I sit down to sew.

In case you are wondering, 3-IN-ONE is not a sewing brand, and is a multi-purpose oil you can find in hardware stores.  It is perfectly safe to use in sewing machines but is much cheaper than branded sewing machine oil.

This was my second sewing machine purchase.  The first machine I bought myself was a Brother CS-6000i, which is a perfectly good “starter” machine.  I was so excited to get my brother, which was ordered from Amazon the day my Mother in Law started teaching me to quilt.  But after 4 years of wrestling large quilts through the tiny Brother, she started to make a funny noise.

My husband heard the noise in my workroom, along with what Im sure was colorful language. He then proceeded to tell me that he got his Christmas bonus at work that day, and it was time for me to Upgrade! I had been eyeing up the Juki TL-2000 for a while and it fit right in the Christmas bonus price range.

We also ordered the Juki from Amazon and paid an outrageous amount in shipping (its a heavy machine).  Unfortunately, the machine didn’t arrive within the two day window we paid for, but Amazon customer support was on the ball and refunded the shipping cost within a few minutes of me letting them know it was late.

I’ve had this machine for my ‘daily driver’ for almost a year, and haven’t had a single problem with the machine itself.  I did replace the bobbin case once, but that was due to user error.

You can see from the bottom of the machine that there is a slot for a knee-raise presser foot lever.  I tend not to use that feature because it gets in the way for me.


This machine did come with a quilting extension table, which stays on the machine almost 100% of the time.  I don’t have an actual sewing table, which would drop the machine down level with the work surface, so having an extension table is super handy.

I am very fortunate to have a machine this big for quilting, and am excited to be sharing it this next week with my Mother-in-Law, who has a King size version of the Jamestown Landing Quilt basted and ready to by quilted.  I will be leaving the area for gun-deer hunting season so she will keep Nellie running while I am gone.  I’m looking forward to seeing her finished quilt!

I will be taking along my hexie project to work on while I am gone.  I may also bring some pre-cut scraps and do some sewing on my mom’s machine in the evenings after its too dark to hunt .

Do you have a favorite sewing machine?  How about a “take along” sewing project? Let me know in the comments.

Until tomorrow,

The Quilt Police


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