Lets Talk Rulers!

Good rulers are essential tools for every quilter to have.  If you can afford specialty rulers they can make your life a whole lot easier too.

I don’t claim to have every ruler on the market, but I do have a few that I believe everyone should learn to use.

The first ruler I recommend is an all purpose ruler for cutting strips and squares.  I have the 6 1/2″x24″ ruler from EZ. (Most of my rulers are by EZ, its whats available in-store in my area).  This ruler, combined with a cutting mat and sharp rotary cutter will get you through most basic cutting instructions.


Along these same lines, I have a ruler called the Binding Buddy.  It’s 2 1/2″ wide and 30″ Long.  This one is pretty self explanatory, its for cutting binding strips.  I’ve used it several times but have found that it is hard to hold steady, and often shifts on the fabric.  I’ve since gone back to cutting binding strips with my 6 1/2″ wide ruler.


My #2 most handy ruler is the Easy Angle ruler.  I have it in two sizes but I think the 6″ version is what I use the most.  Its simple to learn and invaluable when cutting billions (hundreds) of half square triangles.


The next ruler in my collection is the Companion Angle Ruler.  This ruler takes all of the math out of the equation (pun!) for quarter square triangles.  I walk you through how to use it in my Hourglass Quilt instructions under the Free Patterns tab. This ruler, combined with the Easy Angle ruler, also make flying geese simple.


If you are working with smaller units, I think that its helpful to have smaller ruler handy for squaring up units if needed, or cutting strips into squares.  I have the EZ Square Jr, which is a 6 1/2″ Square.  I like that the lines are clean and there isn’t a lot of extra dashes or writing.  I also like that the lines are black.  To me it seems that black lines are easier to see on fabric than bright colors.


I bought the next rulers as a set called the Tri Recs tool.  If you have ever made star points without this, I commend you.  They work together to cut the background and star points, including seam allowance so that your units turn out great, and you don’t have to slice rectangles with the 7/8′ math.


The last ruler in my collection is for cutting circles.  I confess, I’ve never used this ruler for quilting.  It was given to me as a gift, and has only been brought out to make fabric covers for my home canned goods that have been given as Christmas Gifts.


Am I missing any must-have rulers from the list? Let me know in the comments.

Until tomorrow!

The Quilt Police


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