Hourglass Quilt: Free Pattern!

A while back I was making quilts as Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews. I have a large family so I needed some patterns that went together quickly but I wanted to make sure that each kiddo got a different pattern.

My oldest nephew was eight at the time, and his favorite color is green. For him I decided to keep it simple and make a scrappy green and neutral hourglass quilt.

As you can see from the photos I chose a variety of green and neutral fabrics, but tried to keep the greens on the medium to dark side.

For this quilt I used the Companion Angle Ruler by Darlene Zimmerman (no affiliate link, I just like the product).

This Ruler makes quarter-square triangle (hourglass) units a breeze. Notice that the tip of the ruler is flat? That is going to be handy later on.

The finished unit size is listed on the outside of the ruler, and the strip sizes are listed in the middle. I had a whole bunch of 2 1/2″ strips in my Scrap Management Bins, so my hourglass units will finish at 4″ in the quilt.

First, lay a green and neutral strip right sides together on your cutting mat.

Next, lay the ruler on top of your strip set, with the flat tip lined up with the top of your stop set, and the 2 1/2″ line on the bottom of the set.

Cut along both edges of the ruler. Discard the end of your strip set (I throw them in a bin for crumb blocks).

After making your second cut you have one triangle pair.

Rotate the ruler so that the 2 1/2″ line is on top and make another cut.

Cut 504 pairs!

This seems like a lot of cutting but it goes very fast. I can comfortably cut through six layers of fabric so I layer my strip sets and cut three pairs at a time.

Next bring your triangle pairs to the sewing machine. Align the pair so that you are sewing down one of the short sides, with the other short side pointing to the left of your needle.

See with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Sew the unit until just before the end of the fabric, stop and position your next unit.

Notice that the flat tip on your pair now sits snuggly against the tail end of your first unit. This allows you to chain piece the units without the tips of your triangles getting sucked down the needle hole. Continue sewing your second unit against the first. Chain piece all 504 pairs!

Next, take your chain to the ironing board and lay them with the green side up.

Now you can chain-press the units to the dark.

Now cut the units apart and return to the sewing machine. Arrange the pairs with the colors opposite.

Face the units right sides together so that the center seam is aligned. You should feel the seams fit together with your fingers, this is because we pressed everything to the dark and will help us keep crisp points in the center of our hourglass.

Sew down the seam. Chain piece the triangle pairs into hourglass units. Make 252!

Press open.

Now you can clip the dog ears

Arrange these hourglass units into 4 patch blocks. Remember to keep the colors turned the right way.

Stitch the unit together like a regular 4 patch.

This is your block! Make 63.

Set the blocks into 9 rows of 7 and join together to make your quilt top.

Press well before basting.

I quilted this with a simple meander.

I’m looking forward to trying this in different colors. Perhaps it would be fun to do rainbow stripes diagonally, or perhaps an ombré effect.

Have you made an hourglass quilt? I’d love to see your pictures!

Email any questions or photos to copquilter@gmail.com

Happy quilting!

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