Trip to the Fabric Store!

Yesterday the husband found an Argon compressed gas tank for sale in Duluth. He’s been looking for one for a while since he got the new welder so we made plans to drive up and get it.

We don’t have a lot of retail stores in our area so as long as we were making the trip we planned a few extra stops. One of them was Joann Fabrics!!! I know many people don’t care to shop there but selection is pretty limited in my area so this was a real treat.

I promised the husband I’d be reasonable this time, no need to buy 10 yards without a plan again….

9 1/2 Yards of fabric later!

Harvest Cotton and Keepsake Calico were on sale so I stocked up on a few colors.

I also picked up hot glue sticks for the gun. Those mini sticks go pretty fast when you are decorating 20 reindeer.

Later today will be more work on the Split 9 Patch project, and uploading an easy hourglass pattern to the blog.

Stay tuned.

The Quilt Police

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